Artistic project

“I take the historical background of the signet ring and divert it from its primary function. The jewel becomes a work of art, testifying to the richness of a life. Engraved on a prestigious symbol, your unique story, represented through the coat of arms, becomes the theme of the sculpture”.

Between "sculpture and excessiveness", Christophe Grünthaler defined these two words as the essence of his artistic universe. His original, timeless works of art, which marries tradition with modernity, comes through different expressions such as desecrating the signet rings through creations inspired by street art.

These signet ring sculptures, measuring from twenty centimeters up to over two meters, are much more than works of art; they tell a story conveying history and identity.

Christophe Grünthaler offers bespoke designs on demand:

- Sculptures with existing coats of arms and emblems (families, palaces, castles, countries, cities, and luxury brands).

- Unique sculptures on which emblems will be engraved that he creates for his clientele wanting to symbolise their life story, their origins, their values and their success.

- Sculptures inspired by Street Art with personalized graffiti and tags.

- Custom sculptures through a wide choice of traditional or more modern materials (bronze, gold, silver, gold leaf and palladium, resin, paint and chrome).