"My Flower ring diverts the primary function of a ring. From jewelry worn for centuries it becomes a sculpture that we willingly exhibit and admire in a new way".

"My wedding ring sculptures are a reminder of the commitment made between two people and allow them to remember their love in an original way with a big gesture, through personalising them with a meaningful word".

The signet ring, a prestigious symbol steeped in history, recalls its identity, its belonging to a milieu, a culture, a group, an entity. Through a coat of arms, an emblem, initials, a logo and monograms, the engraving makes sense, becoming the theme of the sculpture and conveying a deep message.

To pass on memories, Christophe Grünthaler evokes original, timeless works of art that combine tradition and contemporary art, and creates sculptures inspired by street art.

These ring sculptures, measuring from 20 cm to over 2 meters, are much more than works of art. They truly convey a history and a strong identity.

Christophe Grünthaler creates bespoke sculptures upon request.

The brand’s expertise is in unique signet ring sculptures, which are engraved with existing coat of arms or created ex nihilo to symbolise each of its clients’ life stories.

The sculptures can also be engraved with initials and monograms.

Wedding ring sculptures personalised with a meaningful word on request.

Sculptures inspired by street art with graffiti and personalised tags.

Personalised sculptures through a wide choice of traditional or more modern materials (bronze, resin, gilding, silvering, gold leaf and palladium, paint and chrome).